American Sidesaddle Association Members have access to a Member Library. This Library has a list of books and sewing patterns to further educate our members. Here is a highlighted list, for a full list please contact Vicki at

American Sidesaddle Association (ASA) Library Lending Policy 

Policy:  The ASA Officers and the ASA Membership Coordinator have the responsibility to protect the contents of the library and to assist ASA members who wish to borrow and/or study the materials for the purpose of entertainment, education, historical and equine specialty knowledge, and other issues. 

Procedures:  The ASA library is shelved, cataloged, and currently housed in the home of the ASA Librarian.   

  • Only ASA members are allowed to borrow materials from the library. 
  • The ASA Librairan will record the name, date, and description of the borrowing event. 
  • The material can be kept by the borrower no longer than 6 weeks.   
  • The borrower is responsible for postage at “media” rate and for packaging costs. 
  • The ASA Librarian will set an approximate replacement value on the material at the time of the loan and if the material is lost, the borrower will pay the amount to the ASA Treasurer.  
  • Some of the books and materials are too delicate to be mailed.  These can be viewed at the physical library site after coordination for the best time to visit. 
  • Some materials may be scanned and sent electronically to a requesting member. 
  • ASA members are welcome to come to the physical library to peruse the stacks and to utilize the library tables for work.   
  • ASA group events can be held in the physical library, such as work sessions, meetings, and banquets. 
  PDF of Full Libary: