Meet our Board of Officers

Diana Kocunik

From a very early age Diana was fascinated with horses. She spent hours drawing and painting horses and unicorns. Diana got her unicorn in a tall black and white draft cross with lots of personality. Gallant Quest or Quest for short is a very willing partner. Diana and Quest have accomplished much in their 14+ years of partnership. They have earned ribbons in Dressage, ridden many miles of trails, fox hunted, walked through fire in mounted police training, jumped, competed in working equitation, and ridden sidesaddle. The sidesaddle adventure started innocently with an internet search. Diana googled sidesaddle and her life has never been the same! Since then the pair has attended sidesaddle clinics, ridden in demos and more than 12 parades, the most memorable being the 2009 Inaugural Parade for President Obama in Washington DC. Diana is a founding member of ASA and earned her JIC with ASA in 2015. She has since taught clinics and continued adding to her sidesaddle collection. Recently Diana and Quest have enjoyed working equitation sidesaddle.
Location: Illinois, NILS
Contact: [email protected]
My Sidesaddle Horse: Gallant Quest

Andee Vassar

I grew up in Southern Ohio where I bed stole or borrowed a horse back ride from anyone I could. Horses were and still are my passion in life. I got my first horse at 7 and showed in 4H throughout my growing up years. I taught at a Girl Scout Horse stable where I eventually managed their program. Through this experience, I became a certified riding instructor. I was coaxed into a sidesaddle for the first time my senior year of high school by a friend in 4H. In college, sidesaddle became my gateway to remaining in the horse world while working and going to school full time. My childhood dream of Montana lead me to a summer job and relocation after college. I now ride aside in local parades and teach lessons and clinics as time permits. I’ve spent several years riding aside in the Bob Marshall Wilderness while working for outfitters and taking personal trips. I can’t wait to get my young daughter in her first sidesaddle.
Location: Polson,Montana
Contact: [email protected]
My Sidesaddle Horse: Loom’s Fudge Fantasy “Baby”

Monica Chapman

Location: Montana
Contact: [email protected]
My Sidesaddle Horse: I actually don’t ride sidesaddle. I was a sidesaddle mom. I have been a Safety walker, driver, banner holder, popper Scooper, etc. Our Secretary Andee Vassar is my daughter.

Vicki Pritchard
Librarian & Points Secretary

Vicki Pritchard is a founding member of the Southern Ohio Ladies Aside. She has served as the American
Sidesaddle Association Membership Coordinator and Points Chairperson for many years. She lives in
Chillicothe, Ohio, and has not owned a horse or ridden aside for many years; however, she has fond
memories of her gaited horse, Sheba.
Location: Ohio
Contact: [email protected]
My Sidesaddle Horse: Sheba

Marketing & Newsletter

position currently open. 
Contact: [email protected]
My Sidesaddle Horse: