Donate your Car to ASA!

You can now donate your car, used and working or a junker that doesn’t run, etc., to Vehicles for Charity. They will arrange to pick up your car at their cost. This organization then resells your car either for use or for scrap metal and 80% of those funds are donated to the American Sidesaddle Association. If you have a car you wish to donate, please use this link below and follow the directions. 

Vehicles for Charity accepts automobiles, trucks, vans, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, tractors, boats and trailers. Some vehicles are not accurately represented, however, and will not sell at an auction. Those vehicles are delivered to an auto recycler or salvage company, either of which pays a set amount for the vehicle regardless of condition.

If you have any questions regarding donating your vehicle you can email us at [email protected]