Currently, we have 23 chapters nationwide. These chapters are individual clubs/organizations that help promote sidesaddle in their areas, try reaching out to a chapter near you to help you get started aside.

Arkansas Ladies Aside
Jessica Saucier

Arizona Aside
Hannah Barker

California Aside
Wendy Deini
Karol Kafka

Georgia Ladies Aside
Stephanie Hutcherson

Garden State Sidesaddle
Erica Pariott

Hoosier Ladies Aside
Becky Goode

Kentucky Sidesaddle
Liz Skelton

Lone Star Side Saddle Association
Maria Tete Ramirez

Michigan Sidesaddle
Grace O’Mally

Northwest Aside Group
Judy Hastings

Northeast Ohio Ladies Aside
Cathy Reichert

Northeast Women’s Sidesaddle
Kelley McCarty

Northern Illinois Sidesaddle
Kathleen Kocunik

Oregon Ladies Aside

Prairie Ladies Aside
Ruth Riegel

Sidesaddle Around New England
Elazabeth Sanborne

Southern Ohio Ladies Aside
Maggie Herlensky

Side Saddle Sisters of Oklahoma
Drenda Bigham

Tennessee Sidesaddle
Sue Halaburda Duncan

Wisconsin Sidesaddle
Libby Cameron