What is the Summer Trailblazer Challenge?
It is the WNY Sidesaddle Chapter’s way to challenge you to get up and out and blaze some miles or hours in the saddle. You may ride, English, Western, sidesaddle, or bareback. We don’t care how you sit on your horse, we just want you to spend time with him/her.  What counts: Driving, trail riding, hunter pacing, endurance racing, competitive trail, eventing, cross country, and riding lessons. If you are in the saddle or driving your horse, it counts as time for this challenge.  What doesn’t count? Chores.  

We want you to stay accountable by recording your Hours in the Saddle by using our Summer Trailblazer Challenge Activity Log – Remember this is Astride or Aside! Make sure you share your progress and rides on the ASA Members Only Facebook Group to win Monthly giveaways! We will also award 1st-6th place for highest recorded hours in the saddle! We will have special awards for most hours spent riding aside and for driving.
And all participants who complete 25 hours of riding, will receive a finisher’s ribbon.  
Record your rides all summer long from June 20th – September 23rd.

Summer Trailblazer Challenge logs are due at midnight EST on September 24th. and can be mailed to ridingchallenge@amsidesaddle.com

The cost to participate is just $40.00 and benefits both the American Sidesaddle Association and the Western New York Sidesaddle Chapter.  

So have fun with your horse, and support a great cause!  Our objective is for you to have fun with your horse and friends!

Remember to save your receipt of this as it is tax deductible event. All nonmembers of the American Sidesaddle Association will receive a free one year social membership.

Summer Giveaway Winners: