Spring into Action Challenge!

What is the Spring into Action Challenge?
It’s a virtual show that is designed to help get you and your horse get back into action after a long winter of hibernating! We want to help you achieve your horse goals and have some fun too! We want you to stay accountable by recording your horse-related activities in our Action Challenge Activity Log- and more than riding counts!  Anytime (except chores) you spend with our horse counts.  For example, if you lunge your horse, do groundwork, go on a trail ride, or hitch up your horse and drive, it all applies!  You can join our special Facebook group once you register, and there is where you may share photos of you and your horse and your progress!  We would like you to work with your horse at least 30 times from March 1-May 15thAction Challenge logs are due at midnight EST on May 15th. Entrants will receive a beautiful ribbon with the ASA logo on it upon completion of this event.  The cost to participate is just $40.00 and benefits both the American Sidesaddle Association and the Western New York Sidesaddle Chapter.  So have fun with your horse, and support a great cause!  Our objective is for you to have 30 fun-filled horse interactions with your equine buddy.


The Spring into Action Challenge is open to all styles of riding whether you ride sidesaddle, English, Western, or you don’t ride at all and are spending quality time with your horse, time with your horse is what counts!

Q: What qualifies for time?

– A: Riding, driving, and groundwork count towards this challenge!

Q: What doesn’t qualify?

– A: Chores, teaching riding lessons to others.  This is about you and your horse; we want you to bond with your horse and spend that time with the two of you together. Riding with friends counts!

Q: How much time should I spend? 

– A: 30 minutes or more per activity session.

Q: How many activities can I count per day?

– A: You can count up to 2 activities per horse per day with at least 4 hours between each session.

Q: How many horses can I use?

– A: Use one or multiple horses to complete the challenge. If you want a ribbon for each horse you will have to register separately for each one. 

Q: Do I need to provide evidence that I rode?

– A: This is the honor system, simply fill out your activity log and submit that to us.  We’d love for you to share your photos with us on our Facebook page.  That helps to keep everyone in our challenge motivated and makes this even more enjoyable for everyone who is participating.

Activity Log:

You can download it below or on our Facebook Members Only page.

Submitting your Activity Log:

Activity logs may be submitted anytime starting April 1st and May 15th.
They are due no later than Midnight EST on May 15th
Please email completed activity logs to ridingchallenge@amsidesaddle.com
Forms may be submitted as typed/filled document or a clear, full view, picture(s) of the complete document.

Registration & Payment

Registration ended April 1st

ANY QUESTIONS CAN BE SENT TO ridingchallenge@amsidesaddle.com